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Content Competition Winners


The first dYdX Content Competition, hosted by dYdX Trading Inc., concluded on December 31st, 2021 at 24:00 UTC. Thank you to everyone who participated and made the competition a success! We loved seeing substantial engagement from our community regarding the competition on our Discord. We received lots of high quality submissions and a special congratulations to all the winners who have been contacted and sent their respective prizes!

As a reminder, there were four prompts: Risk, Market Structure, Retail Education & SEO. First, second and third place winners under each prompt were awarded $30,000 USDC , $15,000 USDC and $5000 USDC respectively.

Our decision for choosing the winners was not easy as we received many thorough, thoughtful and creative submissions for each category. Submissions were reviewed independently by multiple members of our team to minimize biases.

Below are links to the winning submission in each category and their respective placing.

Prompt #1 - Risk:

  • 1st Place: dYdX Risk Station - An extensive risk calculator outputting a risk synopsis, liquidation probabilities, a Monte Carlo price simulation and asset correlations based on user portfolios.

  • 2nd Place: dYdX Risk Calculator - A risk calculator that allows users to add multiple positions to calculate the total risk for their portfolios.

  • 3rd Place: dYdX Content Competition Risk Calculator - A risk calculator that allows users to input position, collateral, and order size to measure risk in their portfolios.

Prompt #2 - Market Structure:

  • 1st Place: Market Structure - An article that explores the impact of order book granularity on trading behavior and what happens when different exchanges adopt inconsistent data granularity schemes.

  • 2nd Place: Fast Markets - An article that explores how looking back at the history of tradfi can give crypto market participants an advantage.

  • 3rd Place: Market Data - An article that explores how users can use market data to their advantage when trading crypto.

Prompt #3 - Retail Education:

Prompt #4 - SEO:

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated!

In case you missed it, dYdX launched two new exciting projects this week Trading Leagues and Hedgies, be sure to check them out!

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