With dYdX You Can...


Open short or leveraged positions with leverage up to 10x. Trade on Margin and Perpetuals.


Borrow any supported asset directly to your wallet. Use existing crypto holdings as collateral.


Deposit funds to continuously earn interest over time. Variable interest ensures you always get market rate.


View, manage, and close margin positions. Track portfolio performance over time.

Why Trade with dYdX?


Trade with no counterparty risk. Remain in control of your funds of all times.


dYdX aggregates spot and lending liquidity across multiple exchanges.


Trade on margin with up to 4x leverage. Back your positions with any supported collateral.


No sign up required. Start trading immediately from anywhere in the world.


Powered by Ethereum Smart Contracts. Built and audited by the best.

“dYdX is focused on decentralizing finance with the goal of bringing the security, transparency, and inclusiveness of open-source software to the financial world.”


Traded on DYDX

Powered by Ethereum

“The ability to lend, borrow, and margin trade assets in a trustless way is a fundamental breakthrough for financial markets. dYdX offers the full stack of technologies that make this a reality.”

Start trading now

dYdX is live now, on the Ethereum Mainnet. Start trading today.