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v3 Testnet Migration


At 2023-12-11 14:00 UTC, we will be turning down our exchange services running on the Goerli Testnet. The Goerli Testnet has been deprecated by the Ethereum Foundation and will be shut down by 2024.

In it’s place, we will be launching dYdX v3 on Sepolia. Please note that accounts, balances, and positions will not be migrated from Goerli. Please follow the progress of the migration via our status page.

All of the same features will be available—including free test funds via ‘Deposit’ button— and users will be able to access the Testnet via the same URL as before: trade.stage.dydx.exchange. The Testnet is a great place to test out all the features we have to offer, as well as trading strategies!

For developers: please make sure to upgrade your clients to the latest version (v3-client: v1.16.0, dydx-v3-python: v2.1.0) in order to support this update, as well as your chainId to 11155111.

Please note that these changes only affect our v3 testnet exchange and not the dYdX Chain testnet. Happy Trading!

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