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Meet the brand


Today, we introduce the new dYdX brand. Alongside this, we also released a new landing page, and a fully-redesigned product. To read our other announcement from today about our transition to Layer 2, click here.

What is dYdX?

dYdX is building an open platform for advanced financial products, powered by blockchains including Ethereum. We believe in empowering more traders, in more places, with powerful, transparent, and fair financial products. The names comes from the equation dy/dx, which is a mathematical notation for a derivative, which measures rate of change. The name also has origins in finance, where derivatives are markets reliant upon movements in others.

What is this about?

Since 2017, dYdX has been dedicated to building powerful & trustless financial tools, which empower traders in more places to own their trades, and eventually, the exchange itself. While building some of the most technically complex smart contracts in production, we realized our presence needed to match the durability of our systems.

Introducing the new dYdX.

Introducing the evolution of our brand. Our protocol exists to empower traders through complex-made-simple tooling built on open infrastructure. Therefore, we wanted our brand to have presence, but remain extremely legible and reduce complexity.

If we could own an emoji, it would be the hedgehog, as our products enable traders to control risk, or "hedge" their different positions. Our mark combines three components of the formula dy/dx into a distinct & ownable mark.

What else?

Head over to our new Brand page to download these new assets, and others. Or, make your way over to our new product to see what else our design overhaul has in store. We hope to see you on the order book! 👋🏾