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Public Testnet Update

Public Testnet Update


As our team continues to work toward the launch of The dYdX Chain (v4), we are excited to announce the launch of public testnet #2! 

We will be sunsetting the current version of our testnet on August 7th at 17:00 UTC to reset and relaunch the public testnet on August 10th 17:00 UTC. The testnet will be unavailable while these upgrades are being made. 

Our new testnet will unlock more features that traders know and love. Read more below. 

Public Testnet #2

Milestone 4 introduced the first public testnet of The dYdX Chain. 

This version of the testnet will be reset and relaunched with a wider set of features that more closely represent the final feature set for The dYdX Chain. 

The new public testnet will include these key upgrades: 

  • The addition of 30+ markets – users can now trade a wide variety of markets in addition to BTC/ETH

  • Rewards and vesting – users will earn testnet governance tokens (testnet_reward_token) as they trade. More UI enhancements regarding this feature will come later on during public testnet.

  • Trading Fees – users will now be able to pay and view trading fees as well as  the protocol fee schedule

  • Dynamic margin requirements – this update enables support for liquidity tiers, which introduces varying types of margin requirements 

Other, non user facing, upgrades include:

  • Order Removal/Pruning – ensures orders that should be removed due to expiration or pruning are done so and synced with the indexer

  • Spam Mitigation – this update prevents malicious spam attacks on validators

  • Orderbook refinement – ensures that the orderbook in the full node and indexer are always in sync

  • x/stats module – stores information to support fee tiers

  • Oracle-accuracy improvements 

  • x/block-time – keeps track of the timestamp of the previous block and downtime information

We look forward to the launch on August 9th and to hearing your feedback. As always, all work is open-source. 

Client packages are also now available:





About dYdX

Here at dYdX, our mission is to democratize access to financial opportunity. We believe that v4 software will represent notable progress in service of that mission. The events in the global economy that have transpired over the last year have only reinforced the need for open, transparent, and permissionless financial products. We’re excited for v4 to better meet those needs.

If building the future of a decentralized exchange and open finance is something you’re interested in, check out what it’s like to work at dYdX and our open roles!

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