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Launch Incentives Season 1 Distribution


A few months ago, we published a blog post detailing the Launch Incentives Program proposed and adopted by the governance community of the dYdX Chain, and managed by Chaos Labs. That program set aside $20M of the DYDX Community Treasury to be distributed over the course of six months. With Season 1 of this program coming to a close, Chaos Labs initiated an on-chain proposal to distribute $5M in total rewards across 2006 accounts. The governance community voted and the proposal passed on February 2nd, and allows eligible traders to claim their rewards! The complete list of accounts and their respective incentive allocations is available here.

The dYdX Chain is made available via the dYdX Ops subDAO front end, and each of the topics discussed herein is subject to change by the applicable governance community (the “Governance Community”). We recommend traders review any documents published by the Governance Community for the most up-to-date information. This blog post is merely intended to provide information about the open-source software that we are developing, which can be adopted by any Governance Community.

Chaos Labs plans to continue to provide recommendations at the end of each season on the distribution of incentives to individual accounts. The recommendations, along with the end-of-season report and relevant data, are openly published on the Chaos Labs blog. You can also look up dYdX addresses in the dYdX Chaos Labs Risk Portal to view their point accumulation. At the end of each season, accounts will receive rewards proportional to the points they’ve accumulated. 

Furthermore, with the conclusion of Season 1, traders have now been placed into various Trading Leagues ranging from Bronze to Platinum with the higher leagues offering higher prize pools for Season 2! Happy trading!

The Launch Incentives Program was designed and approved by the DYDX governance community.

Liquid staking now live via Stride! 

Traders could now have the option to liquid stake their tokens, just in time for the $5M launch incentives distribution! Liquid staking is provided by Stride’s integration with dYdX chain. This enables traders to stake DYDX and receive stDYDX while the native token is bonded. Liquid staking via Stride and regular staking via Keplr offer traders flexibility in how they want to utilize their applicable layer 1 tokens. Liquid staking is discoverable via the front-end software but only available via Stride’s third-party site, independent from and unaffiliated with dYdX. Please find more information about the in-app support for liquid staking roadmap here.

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