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Introducing the dYdX Chain Open-source Code



We’re excited to announce the dYdX Chain Github repositories are now fully public! Our introduction of the dYdX Chain (v4) was the first step toward making dYdX fully decentralized and transparent—making the code public is the next step. All core repositories, including the validator software, indexer, web front end, and supporting libraries are now public on GitHub.

The dYdX Chain code is still being tested (try out the Testnet!) and we aim to release the production ready code later this year. Once complete, we encourage the community to use these repositories as a starting point to grow the dYdX ecosystem.

Find the repos and details here:

List of public repos

  • v4-chain - Validator and indexer code, protobuf definitions, scripts to generate Python and Javascript libraries using Telescope

  • v4-abacus - Shared client business logic used across both web and mobile

  • v4-web - The web front end for the dYdX Chain

  • v4-clients - Python and Javascript SDK clients

  • v4-localization - Translations for all copy across the web and mobile apps

  • v4-documentation - dYdX Chain documentation

  • v4-testnets - Coordination repos for previous testnets

  • v4-infrastructure - Terraform for indexer deployments, metrics ingestor, indexer dashboards and monitors


The repos are currently available to the public under a Business Source License (BSL) as the code is not yet production ready. After Testnet, when the first production version of the software is released, the licenses will transition to an open source license (GNU Affero GPL).

About dYdX and Terms

Here at dYdX, our mission is to democratize access to financial opportunity. We believe the release of v4 software, the dYdX Chain, will represent notable progress in service of that mission. The events that have transpired over the last year have only reinforced the need for open, transparent, and permissionless financial products. We’re excited for v4 software to better meet those needs.

If building the future of a decentralized exchange and open finance is something you’re interested in, check out what it’s like to work at dYdX and our open roles!

To ask additional questions, join the discussion on Discord, participate in the dYdX community, or follow us on Twitter. We’re excited to continue building the dYdX Chain and will continue to release updates over the coming months.

Terms and Conditions: This post is subject to the dYdX Terms of Use. The dYdX interface and products are not available to persons or entities who reside in, are located in, are incorporated in, or have registered offices in the United States or Canada ("Blocked Persons"), or other Restricted Persons (as defined in the dYdX Terms of Use).  dYdX products and services are not intended for, and should not be used by, Blocked Persons or Restricted Persons. Terms of Use specific to v4 software can be found here.