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$25 Deposit Bonus

$25 Deposit Bonus Aug 2022

Update: This campaign ended September 1, 2022

We are excited to share that every new dYdX user that deposits 500 USDC or more on their first transaction is now eligible to receive a one-time deposit bonus promotion of 25 USDC , subject to the Promotion Rules

As a reminder, initial deposits greater than $500 are gas free (i.e., paid for by dYdX Trading) and your initial $100,000 in trading volume is FREE every 30 days. 


Is the liveness check mandatory?

Absolutely not. Any user uncomfortable with completing a liveness check can still use dYdX. The liveness check is only needed if you intend to claim this promotion. 

Who is eligible?

All users who create an account after 3pm UTC on Aug 31, 2022 are eligible to participate in the promotion. 

How do I claim the promotion?
  1. After connecting your wallet, all eligible users will see a promotion card indicating they are eligible to receive a $25 bonus if they deposit $500 or more. 

  2. Click the promotion card and follow the steps to deposit

  3. Complete the liveness check  

  4. Wait up to five minutes for the bonus to be sent to your account

What is a liveness check? 

The liveness check scans your image using your webcam and compares if your image has been used with another account on dYdX. If you have successfully completed the liveness check with a different account, you will be unable to successfully complete the liveness check again. 

Why do I need to complete a liveness check?

Given that your Ethereum address functions as your account on dYdX, it is trivial to make more than one account. As such, it is quite difficult for a dApp to offer promotions without being Sybil-attacked. After reviewing many solutions in the market, we determined that liveness checks offered the best UX for our users to indicate that they are, indeed, one person without revealing their full identity.

How do I receive the deposit bonus?

The deposit bonus will be automatically sent to your account within 5 minutes of completing all the required steps. 

How long is the deposit bonus campaign running for?

While dYdX Trading may end the promotion at any time, there is currently no end date to the promotion.

Who has access to my biometrics? What is at risk?

Your image will be stored on an external server controlled by our provider, which is GDPR compliant. dYdX Trading’s database will maintain the key to map your face to a specific wallet.  Our external provider does not have any such key. 

Is the deposit bonus available on the dYdX iOS app?

The deposit bonus is not available to users who onboard via the dYdX iOS app at this time. Mobile users can access the promotion via their in-app mobile web browsers or by connecting their mobile wallet to the dYdX web application via WalletConnect.  

Can I come back later to perform the liveness check?

Yes, while the promotion is still ongoing, users will be able to come back to the liveness check at a later date to complete.