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Deposit bonus now live


The deposit bonus promotion has ended. Stay tuned for more events in the near future!

Although all trading on Layer 2 is gas-free, onboarding still involves a few on-chain transactions & unwanted gas costs. After discussions with users, we have found these upfront costs to be the greatest obstacle to onboarding to Layer 2.

To help offset the gas costs required to set up your account and deposit, we are excited to share that for a limited time, all new users to dYdX Layer 2 are eligible to receive a 50 USDC deposit bonus to their account after depositing at least 50 USDC . After creating an account, if you deposit at least 50 USDC in your first deposit, dYdX will send an additional 50 USDC to the same account on Layer 2.

You can read the promotion rules here →

This product is not available to traders in the United States or Restricted Territories, as defined in the Terms of Use. By using this product, you also agree to our Privacy Policy.

Who is eligible?

Any account that has yet to make a deposit to dYdX Layer 2 and is eligible per our Terms of Use.

If I have already deposited on dYdX Layer 2 before, can I still receive a bonus?

No, this promotion is only available for the very first deposit to your account.

Do I need to do anything else?

Nope! All you have to do is deposit at least 50 USDC in your very first deposit. The additional 50 USDC will be automatically transferred to your Layer 2 balance.

How long will this promotion last?

We will actively monitor the performance of the promotion, but it is intended to only be live for a limited time.

About dYdX

dYdX is the developer of a leading decentralized exchange on a mission to build open, secure, and powerful financial products. dYdX runs on audited smart contracts on Ethereum, which eliminates the need to trust a central exchange while trading. We combine the security and transparency of a decentralized exchange, with the speed and usability of a centralized exchange.