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Canada Wind Down

Canada Wind Down

dYdX is winding down user access from Canada. We realize that this restriction may be disruptive to certain users and regret any inconvenience. On April 7th at 17:00 UTC, dYdX will no longer allow new users located in Canada to onboard to the exchange. As part of the wind down process, we want to provide existing Canadian users ample time to manage and close their positions on dYdX. Therefore, existing users will be able to continue to execute trades on our platform for one week. On April 14th at 17:00 UTC, dYdX will move all existing users in Canada to close-only mode, and users will maintain the ability to withdraw funds from the protocol at any time. 

As always, dYdX is committed to providing transparency around product decisions and democratizing access to financial opportunity. We hope that the regulatory climate in Canada will change over time to allow us to resume services in the country.

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