BTC trading is live on dYdX

Introducing dYdX's BTC Perpetual with up to
10x leverage

Perpetual Contracts

The most popular trading product in all of crypto live on dYdX. Long/Short with high leverage and no expiry.

*Not available in the US

Trade with up to
10x leverage

dYdX is combining best in class smart contract technology with the largest, most liquid and most traded product in crypto. Read more about the launch here.
max BTC position
Long or Short
≈ ∞ BTC
10,000.00 USDC

Full Transparency

Trade on the first Perpetual product where all trade and liquidation data is fully open and verifiable.

Transacted on dYdX

Powered by Ethereum


Security of funds is our biggest priority. dYdX smart contracts have been audited by Open Zeppelin and battle tested with over $1.5B in transaction volume flowing through to date.

Professional Trading Platform

dYdX offers a robust trading experience powered by our advanced matching engine and low-latency orderbook. Trade on our web interface or via our comprehensive APIs.